Why Chef Soundar ?

Road to the mastery of culinary art and management

When I started my formal education as a chef, the resources available to that generation were limited and we had to spend hours in the library or watch and learn from the masters. Today having completed more than three decades in the culinary world, I am privileged to share some of my experiences within this colorful spectrum of various cuisines and a plethora of technical knowledge.

For a very long time I have wanted to contribute to the education of budding culinary professionals, catering students and other professionals related to the F&B industry in a manner which will help them make a success of their careers.

With such a large reservoir of contents I thought why not a professional culinary book?

I remember that while writing recipes for newsletters, it took me a lot of time to give my writing its final shape.  I am sure this is the case with most people. There are a lot of complexities involved in writing a book. Quality editions and a rich content are just a few to mention apart from the entire exercise being time-consuming.

I have however never wanted to author a recipe book. While writing a recipe book is difficult, it is a lot more challenging to pen down a book on culinary techniques. Even the greatest chefs agree that it is not easy to produce a professional culinary book because of the Economy of scale and intricacies in putting together techniques.  That is also the reason why there aren’t many books on culinary techniques and culinary management.

I have not given up on this as, and I have always consoled myself and sought inspiration reading the biography of the worlds all time Greatest Chef, Sir Auguste Escoffier

“He published his first professional culinary book only in his early 50’s “

…………….I have some time on my side to achieve this land mark.

Nevertheless.. The next avenue… Thanks to the Technology,  “World Wide Web”, – The world is becoming narrower and narrower which allows us to reach not just hundreds but millions of culinary enthusiasts around the world.

In an endeavor to keep this dream alive I have conducted over a hundred training programs which I hope have benefited all the participants in their wide scope in the culinary world. This, however, may not be a cover – all umbrella.

Dwelling on the subject of careers, the last decade has witnessed a recession in almost every field of activity or business.

  1. How has this affected the Food & Beverage Industry?
  2. Have people stopped eating?
  3. Have people stopped asking for a new gourmet experience?

I am sure you know the answer to this. It is humanly impossible to eat the same thing everyday. The taste buds seek new flavours and where there were just four or five restaurants in your locality last year, you might notice that the numbers may have doubled this year. The trend of eating out is on the rise ( Chennai is a classic example). We find it difficult to get tables at most restaurants these days and yet, we moan that there aren’t enough eateries.

While only a lesser percentage of people are eating out, the survey shows that INR 15,000CR as untapped revenue in the Food & Beverage industry. This could very well be the additional market for the next decade.

Human Resource management is becoming more and more complex and multi-skilling is a concept that will have to be thought of seriously in the years to come. The progression will be such that both Food service and production will merge and emerge as a large and wide scale of an interactive culinary unit.

www.chefsoundar.com  will be an important tool to become a “Master Chef” or an extremely competent F&B professional …….

This web site will provide you with the knowledge on International cuisine, Indian and Indian ethnic cuisine in the facets of Food & Beverage concept development and execution, culinary techniques, culinary management, food ingredients, kitchen planning and Designing techniques. Basic culinary terms, gourmet news, menu, etc. This website is aimed at aiding the Professionals, students, instructors and everyone related to the Food and beverage Industry.

This website will be updated every month starting from June.  You will not need to store information offline, as the site will be constantly upgraded to reflect the latest information and developments in the field.  To keep yourself updated, it is recommended that you browse the web site at least once a month

Happy browsing!  And Keep cooking !!

With culinary regards,

Dr. Chef Soundararajan

My Philosophy

  • I don’t smoke because I can smell the food better.
  • I don’t drink because I can taste the food better.
  • I like to cook with lot of variety of ingredients.
  • I love natural food ingredients.
  • I like every cuisine on this earth.
  • I treat every cuisine individually.
  • I taste the food before adding salt.
  • I cook with my heart not with the hands.
  • I like to teach techniques rather than recipes.
  • I respect every human being equally in my workplace irrespective of the designation.
  • I am very particular about the language I use in the kitchen.
  • I enjoy training young chefs.
  • I like to contribute to the development of the profession.

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