On a mission to cook fine dining Indian meal at the highest altitude by
Dr. Chef Soundararajan
(Corporate Executive Chef of Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd) and
Chef Sanjay Thakur of Etihad Airways.

Happy and relieved that the mission is completed.



As a team, we have gone through some tough days. Some team members fell sick during the mission due to the very tough terrain. Happy that all of us are descending safely.

We are now busy descending, winding up process and some paperwork. We are still waiting for the assessment. We will update you all as soon we are through.

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Dr.Chef Soundararajan P is a culinarian & mentor , founder of Culinary Vision, founder General Secretary of Indian Federation of Culinary Associations and Chairman of the Marketing committee of WorldChefs. He writes about Culinary Techniques and shares his profound knowledge here in his blog. [Read More....]

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4 Comments on “TIRYAGYONI – Flash!!!”

  1. Congratulations on the great achievement! We are proud of you and the team! Super duper! Words may not be enough! Best wishes

  2. WOW!Congratulations Dear Chef Soundarajan and Chef Sanjay Thakur to pull off such a record at the Highest altitude amidst the Peak of Mount Everest-Amazingly superb for India and our Culinary Heritage to it’s pinnacle.God Bless You Chef Soundarajan for spear-heading and leading us on to Raise the
    Bar of Indian Culinary Excellence-Keep Soaring!!!

  3. Congratulations chef Soundararajan & chef Sanjay.. it’s truly a very great achievement… truly inspiring….
    Congrats for the whole team as well…

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