How Nutritive Is Refined Flour Or Maida In Our Diet?

It is not difficult to understand that removing fiber and having simple refined carbs is not good for health. A lot of food items are made with refined flour such as white bread, pasta, vermicelli, and even some breakfast cereals. Refined flour, which contains strong carbohydrates can drastically increase the glucose levels in our body and potentially can lead to diabetes.

Why is parotta harmful to health?

The Parotta, skillfully displayed at the nearby restaurant, or the white bread including several other products and sweets displayed at the bakery next door are all made using refined flour. White flour or refined flour, prepared from grain rice or wheat, is just the starch carbohydrates with less or no nutrients. Why eat something that has no or less nutritive value?

Want to control your weight?

If you want to control your weight and keep your system healthy, you should just avoid refined white flour. This is not a myth. It rather is simple science.

Whole grain has three parts ā€“ germ (inner layer), endosperm (middle layer) and bran (outer layer). While the bran and germ are removed, the refined flour is made from the endosperm. So how does the middle layer come out to be white in colour? Endosperm is milled to a powder and then bleached using chemicals, just like how we bleach clothes. Is it not just common sense to understand, how can brown wheat (endosperm) become white after milling, if not for extra treatment. A less or rather non-nutritive part containing only starchy carbohydrates is added with chemicals and bleachers to make a refined white flour or Maida.

This makes it simpler and easier to understand why refined/white flour is not healthy and raises the risk of diabetes and high levels of cholesterol.

whole grain flour and its benefits

It is better to use whole grain flour with its nutrients and goodness. One should adopt healthy cooking methods and prepare dishes using the whole-wheat flour.

It has been seen that in households, the use of refined flour or Maida is minimal, but a lot of commercial products are extensively made using white refined flour and are widely consumed by many.

It has to be noted that the products made from white refined flour definitely look better and are tasty, but at the same time are not good for our system and excessive consumption can lead to various serious health issues.

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  1. What alternative is available for common lay public ? Ashirwad Atta or Patanjali Atta ?? Please enlighten us …as labels are mis-leading in India


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