How to Make Your Children Love Fruits and Vegetables

How to Make Your Children Love Fruits and Vegetables – Children can be a bit difficult especially when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are getting optimum nutrition from healthy foods.

If you have culinary experience, then you can surely whip up something delicious for your children. These include some greens vegetables and nature’s desserts aka fruits. Children usually have limited healthy culinary options at restaurants so it is best to cook some wholesome meals yourself. Here are some ways to make them love fruits and vegetables:

Teach by Example

Children learn from their parents so it is best to set an example for them by loading your plate with salad or fruits. Before every meal, make it compulsory for them to take a serving of greens or have them as a side with their main meal such as green beans, asparagus or broccoli. Always eat your meals with the children at the table so that you can make sure they have taken their portion of vegetables and fruits. When you sit in the dining table along with children, never criticize healthy food options. Fruits and Vegetables Look Delicious

Have some fruits on yogurt for breakfast, an apple for their lunch and a bowl of salad with their dinner. Put your culinary experience and skills to the test by presenting these foods in a fun and cute way, like by making a smiley face with berries and bananas on their toast.

Make Fruits and Veggies Part of Their Daily Eating Lifestyle

If this habit is set from day one, then you won’t have your kids making faces whenever they see any vegetables or fruit on their plate. You can even incentivize the meal. Set a condition like if they don’t finish their veggies, they won’t get any dessert. This is when tough love should be implemented. Them Cook With You

Transfer on some skills from your cooking and culinary experience and teach the kids how to cook different vegetables. This way, they will not only learn an important life skill but will love eating vegetables. Adding different fruits to their desserts or as toppings for cereal bowls will surely open up their palette as well.

Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

If you have a backyard or balcony, then why not use some of it as a vegetable garden and make your kids grow them.

Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping

Teach them how to pick fresh culinary fruits and vegetables from the grocery aisle at supermarkets. They can smell, touch and bag those greens and learn the importance of healthy foods early on. Teach them about the nutrients it contains.

Sneak Some Veggies In Their Lunchbox

Have crunchy vegetables like carrots or cucumbers with a dip in their lunch box. It will be easier to chow down in no time.

Have A ‘No Thank You Bite’

Sometimes you really don’t have the time or energy to force your child to eat their greens. In this case, you can set the rule of the ‘no thank you bite”. They can use the option of skipping vegetables or fruit once a week but only if they take one bite of it.