Low GI Foods for Diabetic Patients

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H:\002EDITED PHOTOS\003 Best quality photoes\002 Ingredients photo\near dindigul hills\DSC_0092.JPGLow GI Foods for Diabetic Patients – Diabetes is a common medical condition these days. Over 371 million people suffer from either type-1 or type-2 diabetes. This is because in recent years, the diet and life, tyle of people have changed dramatically. People have become sedentary; they eat more junk food and high sugar-based food products.

Although most organic foods are healthy, not all of them rank equally in terms of health for diabetic patients. The GI (glycemic index) measures how fast the body converts a certain food into sugar in the blood. Low GI foods are ranked 55 or less, which is what diabetic patients or people on a diet should aim for, whereas high GI foods are ranked at 70 and higher. If you have culinary skills, then you can easily create low GI based foods for yourself or your loved ones in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some low GI foods that you must have in your grocery list.Bowl of Sliced BroccoliNon-Starchy Vegetables

Anything that is starchy is a major no-no. Your best options would be to choose non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables and beets. They contain ample fiber, vitamins and minerals and don’t spike up your blood sugar like carrots or potatoes. Studies have shown that people who consume non-starchy vegetables on a regular basis have fewer risks of developing type-2 diabetes.

Strawberries and Blueberries on Glass BowlBerries

Berries are loaded with vitamin C and contain the least amount of fructose when it comes to fruits. That is why people who are following a ketogenic diet also have these. They have really high antioxidant levels and are perfect for those who have sweet cravings.Person Putting Tomatoes on BowlTomatoes

Tomatoes are super healthy for diabetic patients, so feel free to include them in your salads, sandwiches, sauces and purees. Make sure not to have any tomato sauce out of cans or in restaurants because they contain sugar.

Grilled Salmon Fish on Rectangular Black Ceramic PlateFatty Fish

Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are high in omega-3 and vitamin D. they have a low GI count and are ideal for people trying to watch their weight and keep their sugar levels at bay.

Variety of Brown Nuts on Brown Wooden Panel High-angle PhotoNuts and Seeds

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts and many other nut variants are one of the healthiest snacks of diabetic patients. That’s because their high fiber content makes them super digestible in comparison to processed snacks. These low-carbohydrate foods are bursting with micronutrients and macronutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc) that help strengthen your body.

Medical research shows that nuts are nutrient-rich foods. Evidence shows that they’re highly beneficial for your metabolic and circulatory system. Regular consumption helps reduce inflammation and hypertension and decreases a number of coronary diseases.

Similarly seeds too help maintain your blood sugar level and they can be taken as a snack just like the dry fruits or you can sprinkle them as toppings in your meals. Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds lead the pack with their high-fiber quotient. The presence of which helps promote healthy heart conditions in diabetic patients.

Assorted Sliced Fruits in White Ceramic Bowl Fruits

Add some fresh fruits in your life to satisfy those sweet cravings. Rich pulpy fibrous fruits like oranges and gooseberry are great for inducing a normal blood-sugar level due to low GI index. High-water and fiber content make them fulfilling.

Here are a few other fruits that you should eat:

  • Avocado
  • Bitter Gourd
  • Bananas
  • Peaches
  • Bitter Gourd

Moreover, the fact that some of these fruits have a sweet taste helps you to lay your hands off candies and sweets. (This is a great bonus for diabetic patients who have a sweet tooth!)

Pro-tip: Eat raw and fresh fruits instead of juices and smoothies as the sugar additives in the drinks decrease the fruits’ nutritional value.


The wonderful little grains are another category of food that helps diabetic patients immensely. Pearl Millet (Bajra), Finger Millet (Ragi), Sorghum (Jowar), Little Millet (Varai, Sanwa) are millets are easily available locally. So you won’t face any issues if you want to add them to your diet.

Each of them supplements the diet with minerals, fibers, proteins and phytochemicals – the combination of which helps beat diabetes. These bioactive compounds help activate insulin sensitivities. This means the grains help your body to monitor and adjust blood sugar levels according to your needs. Subsequently, they reduce the chances of a blood-sugar spike and help keep your diabetes in check.

H:\002EDITED PHOTOS\003 Best quality photoes\002 Ingredients photo\Millets Ingredients\CSC_0377.JPGIn a nutshell, diabetic patients don’t have to resort to eating bland food and unnatural sweeteners to maintain their insulin levels. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is a much more delicious option!