Life of a Sous Chef

Life of a Sous Chef – Second in command after the Executive Chef, a sous chef is a happening career in the culinary world. A sous chef is mentored by the main chef, learning about the happenings of professional kitchen management, and having authority to some degree.

The staff is expected to impart the same respect to him/her and on a night off of the head chef, the sous chef calls the shots.

The Morning Grind

A sous chef will clock in early and will oversee the kitchen staff when it comes to the main task, which is meal preparation, and workplace-related responsibilities like to maintain team efficiency and professionalism.

The sous chef may be handling the daily inventory and managing of supplies – meaning they are hands-on involved in receiving and checking the products and resources they receive for the day’s work. They may also plan the menu of the day and oversee novel meal preparation, and handle staffing issues that may crop up.

24/7 Professionalism

A sous chef is essentially in training to become the next Executive Chef. This means they must display the utmost professionalism with their staff and customers. Any kitchen mishaps or staff conflicts are expected to be handled in an objective manner which shows their skill as a team leader, and their relationship with the customers should signal their amicability when it comes to public relations.

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Orchestra in the Kitchen

When the midday lunch and evening dinner rush begins, a sous chef is expected to deliver quality.

Managing the personnel to prepare orders and plate them in a timely and presentable manner, managing the rush in the kitchen – it’s all part of the day. Prepping ingredients or meat that take a long period of time to cook are an important task the sous chef is supposed to overlook so that expected orders are not jeopardized

Worth it!

A sous chef is expected to train and work with various cuisines. Channeling their creativity as individuals and using their love of food to put magic on a plate is no easy feat, but it’s a rewarding one. Being selected by the Executive Chef to be mentored is an absolute honor, and opens many doors in the future.

At the end of the day, the sous chef is expected to assist the Executive Chef in tallying numbers of the day, giving employee and kitchen reports, and also helping to plan the menu for the next day.

Inventory orders of produce, resources, and beverages are also ordered and planned, and staff shifts are also managed every evening.

It’s an exciting career to delve in if you have the talent and love for food. If you’ve got the basics of the culinary arts, you should definitely invest in a sous chef training program under a renowned chef. Check out Dr. Chef Soundararajan’s Culinary Program that promises you a brilliant career in finest kitchens, and some great life lessons along the way!