Italian and Portugal Cheeses – Culinary Education Series #1

Italian and Portugal Cheeses – Italy is one of the world’s most productive cheese regions with well over 450 varieties. In terms of volume, Italy is the third largest cheese producer in the EU. In our three-part blog series about Italian and Portugal cheeses, we will describe colour, texture and certain unique characteristics of the particular cheese variety if any.

The below infrographic includes a brief description of the following commonly produced and used Italian cheeses namely, Bitto, Caciocavallo, Formaggini, Gotgonzola, Grana, Incanestrato, Asiago, Garda, Bertolli, Ricotta Romana, Erbo, Ricotta, Bel Paese, Mel Fino, Mozzarella, Parma and Mascarpone cheeses.