Fine Dining at the Earth’s Highest Altitude – A Guinness World Record

Now Tiryagyoni is officially the pop up fine dining restaurant at the world’s highest altitude.

Dr. Chef Soundararajan, Corporate Executive Chef of Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd and Chef Sanjay Thakur of Etihad Airways will hold the record for setting up and operating Tiryagyoni, a fine dining Indian restaurant at the highest altitude of the earth.

Guinness Book Of Records Declared this as a World Record!

Guinness book of records after scrutinizing all evidence declared this as a world record and we are extremely glad to share with you regarding this accomplishment. Sanjay and other team members put their best efforts to achieve this.

After 6 months of planning and preparations, strenuous and demanding work involved, this would indeed be one of the toughest culinary events for the world record and I find it to be a life-threatening fete. Thank you, everyone, for your blessings and wishes. Glad to have our names etched in Guinness World Book of Records

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24 Comments on “Fine Dining at the Earth’s Highest Altitude – A Guinness World Record”

  1. WOW!Superb Chefs ,Soundarajan and Sanjay Thakur for the Magnificient achievement at the World’s Highest Altitude-For taking our Indian Culunary Flag to the World’s Highest altitude-God Bless You!!! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the tremendous achievement! We are excited and proud of you and the team!

  3. Many congcongratulations for this wonderful achievement chef,I am feeling proud as always being a part of your club mahindra coorg team,many more to come.

  4. This appears to be a feat quite unlikely to be challenged very easily. Wonderful achievement Chefs Soundararajan and Sanjay Thakur.

  5. Indeed it is a proud moment for the entire food and culinary fertinity and we are really excited and overwhelmed. Great show chef soundararajan and chef thakur.

  6. Many many Congratulatin Dr chef Soundar and thank you for being part of Mahindra holidays… #proud to belong #proud to belong #proud to belong….

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