Everest View …….(Tiryagyoni update)

Everest View Hotel

It is not only a place of importance to visit but also a part of acclimatization. Everest View Hotel may not be the hotel on the highest altitude in the world, but standing at 13000 ft altitude, it is definitely the highest altitude hotel in India and Nepal.

 4 to 5 Hours Trek from Namche Bazar

Visit to this hotel is good for acclimatization as it is almost about 5 km away and 1500 ft higher altitude than Yeti Mountain Hotel. From Namche Bazar, you will have to trek for about 4 to 5 hours to reach Everest view hotel.

 View of Mt. Everest from every room

Situated within the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park in Nepal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hotel offers a 360-degree view of the inspiring peaks. There is a view of Mt. Everest from every room, and I feel probably only this hotel would have such a feature in the whole world.

Cost of Food&Beverage

Considering the altitude level where it is situated, the cost of food and beverage is not very expensive. Coffee for 2 is 540 Nepali Rupees and hot water is 80 Nepali Rupees.

3ft wide pathway

There is a 3ft narrow path, to be trekking on the way. God only knows how they moved the material to build this hotel. Moreover, I am wondering even about the movement of supplies to the hotel throughout the year. Definitely maintaining this hotel at such a high altitude is a herculean task.

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