Eat Judiciously?

Eating out has become a common affair with Indian families now. Everyone prefers to bring a change in their food and have something that tastes different from what they eat regularly. Now you have a variety of restaurants, from big to small offering you a world of cuisines to try and relish. You have North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Thai Food, Mexican food… you can really eat whatever you want.

While you can taste variety and flavors from across the world, eating out has its flip side too. Care should be taken while choosing the place and type of food that you eat to ensure your health is not affected even a bit. Unless it is a necessity, for business people and for those who are in jobs that demand frequent traveling, eating out should be restricted to very few occasions a month.

If you are not at home and have been stuck in a situation where you need to eat out, then we give you tips on what to eat and what not to eat to ensure you remain safe and healthy.

Eating healthy

  • If you have been on some adventurous trip and stuck in a tough situation, you would need to rely on natural food sources in order to feed yourself.
  • Fruits, culinary toot tubers, edible nuts, edible mushrooms, edible cereals, edible beans, edible moss, edible leaves, edible algae and edible cacti can be consumed. However, these must be boiled before consumption.
  • Remember that fruits are easily available food sources in jungles and forests.

Eating out healthily during other circumstances

If you are under some other uncomfortable situation, you must adapt some other means. If you are within the civil area, you must come across restaurants.

  • Visit a good restaurant first. If you are intensely hungry, do not order a series of foods without being concerned about its type. Even if many foods are widely available, do not order them at one go, especially if you are at an unknown place and do not know much about the quality of the cuisines there.
  • When you are intensely hungry and find a place to eat, drink loads of water first. This would reduce your hunger.
  • If available, drink light things like fruit juices and light snacks, instead of gulping in a lot.

This would prevent imbalance in physiological functionality after you have intensely hungry and without food for a considerable period of time.