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Why Advanced Culinary?

The Culinary sector has witnessed a stunning growth and continues to grow steadfastly, thanks to the effect of globalization. India produces several thousand Hotel Management graduates every year, with more than 60% opting to specialize in the culinary segment. This has proved that there is no dearth of professional opportunities available in the food and beverage sector, but competition is also not far behind. Stopping with a basic culinary program may leave you out of the race. In the era of great opportunities and greater competition, it is prudent to master yourself with advanced, specialized programs.

Department of Advanced Culinary Arts offers a huge global career that is not demarcated by geographical borders. A mere certificate, good scores, and a ‘Culinary Professional tag will not help one to travel very far in this highly competitive industry. High skill set, knowledge, and experience will only stand out as a much-needed asset to employers.

We aim at honing these culinary skill sets and help rekindle the passion in the kitchen so that the aspirant will pass out as an astounding culinary expert with competent professional exposure. This exposure metamorphoses one from a mere culinary professional to acquire the Super Chef edge. These cutting-edge skills would differentiate them from the ordinary Chef in the field.


Chef Soundar Culinary Academy

Dr. Chef P Soundararajan Formerly served as Corporate Executive Chef at Club Mahindra Holidays & Resorts, India’s leading lifetime holiday company with 50 resorts across the country. He has held this position till May 2019 since 1997. 

With 40 years of professional experience as a chef……. READ MORE

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