Chef Soundar Culinary Academy

chef soundar culinary academy

chef soundar culinary academy

Chef Soundar Culinary Academy in Chennai 

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Chefs, I would like to share a personal news with all of you.

With 39 years of my professional career has seen me travel from a novice and aspiring student to a Corporate Executive Chef of a Resort chain. I have gathered amazing experience from catering to all kinds of taste profiles from all walks of life to executing the Culinary and F&B operations for one of the world’s largest holiday company! The journey has been a very memorable one filled with stupendous learning.

My Journey as a Mentor

I was instrumental in conceptualizing and running/executing professional culinary management training programs for the last 25 years. Developing training modules and successfully training & mentoring several hundred young chefs gave me my high. A stint with the Hyderabad House, the official house of Government of India to hold banquets and meetings for visiting foreign dignitaries, gave me immense experience & expertise in catering to Heads of States.

Interaction with World’s Celebrated Chefs

Multiple interactions with world’s celebrated chefs and dining in some of the finest eateries around the world have given me an in-depth understanding and exposure to global cuisine and the international culinary profession.

I have observed that several nations produce very high-quality cuisine and culinary professionals purely due to their cutting-edge culinary teaching methodology and precision based execution.

The idea to Start an Advanced Culinary Institute,

For the last 20 years, I have visited and experienced cutting-edge teaching in some of the world’s finest culinary institutes. During such visits, I had always nurtured an idea to start a World Class Advanced Culinary Institute for our Indian Chefs.

My close understanding of the profession, in-depth knowledge of the global requirement for the culinary industry, my relentless compilation of finest training modules and the persistent passion to promote culinary learning will focus on mentoring and grooming finest professional Chefs, who will set the benchmark of culinary excellence and spearhead the future of the Food and Beverage industry.

With this focus, I set out to launch the Advanced Culinary Academy to mentor and groom young Chefs who will lead the future of the culinary industry.

I, Dr.Chef Soundararajan look forward to your support in every endeavor of this mission. THANK YOU