Cheese Infographic – Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish

Cheeses are produced from a variety of milk including cow, goat, buffalo, horse, and camel. Of this worldwide production of cheese from cow milk alone accounts to approximately 18.7 million tons.

In this infographic, we will describe the colour and texture of

  • Spanish cheeses (Manchego, Manteca, Menorcan and Roncal);
  • Hungarian cheeses (Trappista, Palpusztai and Szekeley) and
  • Turkish cheeses (Pennich, Edirne, Beyaz and Kajinak).

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Dr. Chef Soundar

Dr. Chef Soundar

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Dr.Chef Soundararajan P is a culinarian & mentor , founder of Culinary Vision, founder General Secretary of Indian Federation of Culinary Associations and Chairman of the Marketing committee of WorldChefs. He writes about Culinary Techniques and shares his profound knowledge here in his blog. [Read More....]

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