Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific 2018 – Best Food Platter Presentation

The Bocuse d’Or is a biennial world chef championship.

The India National Team Comprising of

President: Dr. Chef Soundararajan,
(Corporate Executive Chef
Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd, India)

Coach: Chef Abhijit Saha,
(Director & Chef
Caperberry Bangalore, India)

Candidate: Chef Debnath,
(Chef at Caperberry, Bangalore)

Commis: Chef Aheer Biswas
(Chef at Caperberry, Bangalore)

Won the Best Food Platter Presentation, as the Best Platter in the Bocuse d’ Or – Asia Pacific 2018.

This is an outstanding achievement compared to the benchmark standards of Bocuse d’ or.



Best platter or Plate criteria

1. How well the main course is placed.
2. How well garnishes are synchronized.
3. Centerpiece
4. Platter with the theme.
5. How uniform the main course is placed
6. How well food and platter complements

Chef Abhijit and Chef Debnath Nailed it!

Chef Abhijit and Chef Debnath really worked very hard over the period of one year to bring out the whole concept and present it in front of the huge audience.

Previously Chef Abhijit and Chef Debnath have been selected as the toppers in the national selection held in the capital through an anonymous international jury.

Interesting Facts –  Bocuse d’Or

The teams 1. Japan 2. Thailand 3. South Korea are the ones with the podium finish.

The event was introduced in 1987. India first entered the contest only in 2008. Though it is disappointing, we are trying hard from 2008. However this time there is a consolation that everyone praised the efforts of Team India.

Looking back the last one year, the team India prepared very well. I think the other teams with the podium finish were preparing for three years to make it to the podium.

Anyway the team India has created a history by winning an award.

Best Platter Award at the  Bocuse d’Or

This award is something hard to achieve, but it is also a disappointment that our team didn’t make it to the podium.

In a Culinary Competition, It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; what matters is if you learn from it or not. The techniques, experiences, flavors, tastes that you learn is priceless. Also, you enjoy being with potential contestants and at the end of the day you learn more from them. This will help you in your business and also enhance your culinary skills