Avoid Anemia by Controlling Iron Deficiency

As per a report of the World Health Organization (WHO), iron deficiency is the top nutritional disorder in the world. As many as 80 % of the people in the world don’t have enough iron in their bodies, and as a result of prolonged iron deficiency close to 30 %, people suffer from anemia.

So what makes iron so important and what is the role that iron plays in our bodies?

The primary function of these iron minerals in our body is to carry oxygen to all parts of the body and also to form red blood cells. It has been proved that woman require double the quantity of iron in their body as compared to men. However, one must understand that a high level of iron in the body can be potentially toxic. Thus one should avoid getting too much iron minerals in our system.

Of course, we do not consume iron in metal form, but in the form of minerals. Some of the iron-rich foods are seafood and spinach. At the same time, foods with a moderate quantity of iron content are kidney beans, soya beans, etc. A good proportion of iron is contained in green peas, flax seeds, sesame and pumpkin seed, pine nuts, green macadamia nuts, prunes, olives, etc.

How to improve iron absorption?

It must be noted that just taking iron-rich food is not enough. One needs to have their body system tuned to very effective iron absorption. Having Vitamin C rich food items help to improve iron absorption. Particularly vitamin c in citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, bell pepper help to absorb iron better. At the same time, coffee and tea can potentially reduce iron absorption in our bodies.

Using the cast-iron pan to cook food has also been known to also improve iron contents in our body and thus effectively reduce anemia.

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