3 New Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Business 2020

Person Holding White Tablet Beside White Ceramic Mug

Person Serving Pasta3 New Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Business 2020 – Do you know where your restaurant stands on the digital map? Are you doing enough on the digital marketing front?

In this digitally inclined era, you have to step into the virtual world if you wish to make a mark on the food scene. This is the only way to lure in new customers and retain the old ones. Your brilliant culinary skills will do the rest. But they only work when you’ve got the target audience’s attention.

So what’s new in a restaurant owner’s agenda? For starters, you’ve got to stop using your official website as a plain menu card. Customers are more interested in the story behind their favorite eatery and a sneak peek at what happens inside the kitchen. Hence, to get maximum results from the digital marketing presence you’ve got to:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Influence marketing
  • Be available to customers

Here are all the different ways you can do that:

1. In-House Brand Ambassadors

Ever thought of adding a brand ambassador to your team? If you haven’t, you really should.

Great photo ops and lunch-hour deals can only get you a small portion of followers. The thing people crave the most is a humanized touch. This is where your employees come in. Letting them be part of your social media marketing strategies will help you garner a sizable amount of coverage. These walking-talking advocates can help your consumers form a better perception.

How do you make this work?

  • Ask the junior staff/waiters to share candid photos/videos
  • Make them participate in food challenges
  • Help them organize virtual tours of the kitchen
  • Have interviews and Q and As to help get customers involved

The basic idea here is to help customers gain insight into your business. Plus, who knows? Their contagious energy may rub off on the customers.

Person Holding Phone Taking Picture of Served Food 2. Influencer Marketing

Have you seen Ratatouille? The animated movie showed the power of one bad review by a powerful food critic.

Food bloggers and social media influencers are the newest food critics in town. One little comment from them can help your restaurant get the buzz it needs. It’ll do you good to call them over for a free meal or at a social event that you might be catering. Trust us, getting on their good side helps you reach out to an audience that might not have known about your existence.

However, there is one teeny-tiny detail to influencer marketing. It only works if you select a candidate that resonates with your audience. So choose wisely!

3. Get an App

From push-notifications, mouthwatering deals to availability―food apps are your biggest advocates in an age where phones are your customer’s lifeline.

Person Holding White Tablet Beside White Ceramic Mug Apps like foodpanda, Uber Eats and Swiggy and many others help you cater to the needs of many customers. They help bridge the gap between you and your customers by making you feel more accessible than your competitors. The fact that your online delivery service is recommended by a credible app is a big selling point. It also means that:

  • Customers get to read numerous reviews
  • Browse the menu and order in one single-step
  • In-app payments make their life easier
  • You satisfy their impulsive cravings

In a nutshell, all these tactics help you be a visible part of the food industry. These methods increase brand awareness, which has a positive effect on their sales. Additionally, the response you garner from these tactics help you modify your menu according to their taste.