22 Natural remedies to irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is that uneasiness you find on your stomach. It may not be cured completely with medications, but there are plenty of natural remedies that prevent and ease the symptoms of IBS altogether. This article outlines such natural remedies and some advice on how to alleviate the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome.

Be cool headed

Research proves that stress is one of the main factors that lead to increased discomfort from IBS. So essentially keeping calm and getting less tensed will help you to effectively overcome the problems. Sign up for a Yoga class or practice meditation whenever you are free. Even lightening up with a bit of humor or leading an active social life can help prevent IBS.

Say NO to fast food

Fast foods are unhealthy and bad in general for all, but for those with Irritable bowel syndrome, it can turn their life into a living hell. The fatty acids and the meat content in average fast foods can cause your intestines to contract rapidly and lead to severe abdominal pain. So avoid eating such high calorie foods at all times.

Fill your diet with fiber

Fibrous foods such as oatmeal and beans tend to soak up water and also help your body manage fat better. So, if diarrhea is the major symptom with your IBS, then just have plenty of fibrous foods every day. But if it’s constipation that’s troubling you, then switch to an insoluble fiber diet that includes food such as whole wheat and bran.


Yogurts may not be the most pleasant looking foods that you can have, but they surely are the healthiest ones. They contain active probiotic bacteria that will aid in quick digestion and also keep the number of harmful bacteria in check. They can easily ease off your irritable bowel syndrome.

Switch to Green tea

Dairy products and caffeine do their part in aggravating the symptoms of IBS as well. So, try your best to stay as far away from them. Treat yourself to a cup of green tea instead, not only does it soothe the digestive tract but also helps you clear the toxins in your body enabling you to actively prevent a number of stress related diseases including IBS.

Go on! Switch to a healthier lifestyle today and follow these natural remedies to get complete relief from irritable bowel syndrome.